Can a hockey stick be too light?

This is a question that comes up all the time. Luckily, I have done a tonne of testing with different hockey sticks of all brands and types with their actual weight and their balance.  The balance is how the weight is distributed throughout the stick and is better defined as how a stick feels.  

When designing a hockey stick we use balance as a key factor to guide our design process in terms of how we want a stick to perform and how we want the hockey stick to feel.

To answer the question directly, can a hockey stick be too light? 

YES, absolutely.

Since composite technology has advanced over the last few years, sticks have started to get "lighter" and I remember being stoked to see how I could hit a ball harder and do skills quicker with an ultralight hockey stick.  But to my surprise it didn't work out that way, the hockey stick didn't let me smash the ball anywhere near as hard or do skills as quick as I can with the Iceman Pro Bow.

The reason why I didn't like the ultralight stick was because the balance was too light. When we design a hockey stick we work on a heavier weight with a balance more towards the head of the hockey stick, which typically has delivered the best results for our hockey stick design. 

If the stick is too light, or the balance is more towards the grip of the stick, when you swing the stick and it makes contact with the ball you will not have the same amount of force behind the stick, but also the stick will feel extremely light. This means is you won't be able to feel where the head is and will likely feel like the stick is swinging in the air and out of control.  

For our hockey sticks we want a weight of around 520-560 grams.  

On the flipside, a hockey stick can be too heavy.  If all the weight is distributed at the head of the stick, it can result in a loss of power due to the slower swing speed of your stick. The other disadvantage of a stick that is too heavy is that your stick won't be as maneuverable to perform quick dribbling, trapping and tackling skills. 

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